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Frequent Web Site Changes Impact on Search Engine Ranking

If you are making changes only for the search engines and waiting for them to appear, you will drive yourself crazy trying to figure out why this or that happened when it did. There are a ton of factors you can't control: algo changes, new competitors, changing competitors, server issues, even database issues where you may see different indexes from one day to the next in the search engines.Read More

Google Bowling Can Bowl Over Your Web Site’s Search Engine Ranking

Have you heard about the latest "sport" in dirty online business? It's called Google Bowling and it represents a gaping flaw in Google's system that allows your competitors to sabotage your site to the point of getting it banned or penalized.
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Google Library

Google is being sued because of copyright wrangles centering on its Google Print online library project.Read More

Importance of Reciprocal Links and Search Engine Optimization

Asking another webmaster for a reciprocal link is standard practice on the Internet. Webmasters have been asking other webmasters for reciprocal links since the beginnings of the Internet. The very nature of the web is linking websites to one another. It is of even higher importance, now that AltaVista and others have changed their ranking algorithms.
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Search Engine Optimization Discussion

Pagerank™ is as the name suggests a ranking system of pages. It works on the basis that if a website ABC.COM has been linked from a website XYZ.COM, must have some good content and therefore Google will count the link from XYZ.COM as a vote for ABC.COM. You can check your link popularity on Google by downloading the Google toolbar from
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Website Search Engine Optimization Tips

Google uses a different method to rank websites than most search engines. This isn't the days of inserting some META tags and be done with it. You must invest time to rank well in Google; however it is well worth it when your pages start to rank high in the most used search engine on the net.
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High Search Engine Rankings in Google

It's not difficult, it does sometimes take time, but it's not difficult. Just make sure your site has good content and follow the guidelines for adding a URL. Try to get your index page listed at least. I say at least because although ODP claims only to list your index page, there are plenty of sites with 5 - 10 pages listed. So if your site has very distinctive sections, then submit each section - slowly. Once Google updates it's directory, these listings could do wonders for your sites maximum PR.
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Banned by Google

Picture this: You're a successful entrepreneur running a bustling online business. You've paid your dues, put in a lot of long hours, and your hard work is finally producing profitable returns.
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Getting Ranked in Google

Having difficulty getting a good Google Ranking in search engine? is your website properly google optimized to give you the best Google Pagerank™? If not, then read on.
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Search Engine Optimization with Inbound Links

Google heavily relies on links when it comes to specify the ranking of a web site. In addition to the sheer number of links and their anchor texts, the patent specification shows possible ways how Google might use historical information to further specify the value of links.
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